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Financial Markets

Financial Markets
GPB Africa and Middle East provides a wide range of financial services for its clients. Relying on Gazprombank Group’s global reach (Russia, Europe and Asia), GPB Africa and Middle East stands ready to offer unique financial opportunities for the most discerning customer. This coupled with our team’s vast experience in the most complex tasks allows us to find bespoke solutions for the most discerning client.

We offer various solutions in the debt and equity markets for companies looking to raise capital. For companies seeking to optimize their existing capital structure, we offer various solutions on the secondary market.

We offer a wide range of services to clients looking for investment solution, from standard brokerage services to individual structured and hybrid investments. Our clients have access to a swath of debt, equity and currency trading options. Sometimes other kinds of assets (derivatives, structured products) are a better fit, which we are also well-equipped to handle. Class-leading analytical support from Gazprombank Group included.

GPB Africa and Middle East provides structured medium and long-term finance solutions to support clients developing capital-intensive large-scale projects. The Bank also offers bespoke facilities to address the client needs. 

Prepayment Financing to selected producers 

Transportation Financing 

Borrowing Base Financing 

Post-Shipment Financing/Factoring/Forfeiting 

Warehouse Financing 

Distribution from warehouse in the destination country 

GPB Africa and Middle East provides financial solutions for highly complex international commodity supply chains, including: 

Crude Oil and refined white oil products;

Chemicals and Petrochemicals; 

Coal and Coal Derivatives; 

Natural gas; 

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals; 

Soft Commodities and Fertilizers.

Fund management

GPB Africa and Middle East leverages the deep and varied expertise of Gazprombank Group to offer a wide range of debt financing services through Debt Capital Markets. These include issuance of: Corporate bonds; Stock bonds; Bank bonds. Our Debt Capital Markets financial tools are tailor-made for each client.
Fund management

Strategy Advisory

Strategy Advisory
GPB Africa and Middle East has access to a range of highly qualified specialists from Russia and South Africa, who stand ready to swiftly review and develop our client’s Company Strategy, Organisational structure, and Capital programs. We are experienced in Business transformation and development.
We understand that every business has their own needs, so we are focused on finding and developing the right tools and models for each client.
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